Wolf Cut V Octopus Cut

3 Hot Hair Trends At Koztello Salons In Galway Shopping Centre & Knocknacarra

Just when you thought you'd seen it all, along comes another surprising new hair trend! No doubt you've heard about the Wolf Cut... well let us now bring you the Octopus Haircut!  

What Is The Octopus Haircut?

As the name implies, the Octopus Haircut loosely mirrors the shape of an octopus, with rounded layers and lots of volume on the crown, with long layers falling around the back and sides like tentacles!   The look is inspired by the Shag and Mullet hairstyles of the 1970s but with the tousled rebellion of the Wolf Cut!

What Is The Wolf Cut?

The Wolf Cut has lots of rough shaggy layers and texture with hair that is shorter at the temples to create an edgy look.

On-Trend Hairstyle At Koztello Salons At Galway Shopping Centre & Knocknacarra

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