Beauty Trends You’ll Love!

Beauty Trends That You're Sure to Love With the Beauty Experts at Koztello Salons in Galway Shopping Centre and Knocknacarra

Are you ready for a beautiful new year? The theme of this year's beauty trends appears to be high-maintenance but low maintenance beauty - meaning you look perfectly polished but natural!

Below, the beauty and skincare experts at Koztello Salons in Galway Shopping Centre and Knocknacarra look at how we can help you nail these fabulous new beauty trends in 2023...

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Great Skin is Always In!

If your skin is not looking it's best following the festive season and is dry due to the cold weather and central heating, we're here to help! Our beauty experts are trained to the highest standards and can create tailored skincare and facial programmes to help you get clearer, dewy and more nourished skin. 

Our facials are designed to tackle skin problems from teenage acne, congested pores, pigmentation issues and dry, ageing skin. Find out more about our facials here and let your skin problems be a thing we leave behind in 2022!

Natural Looking Lashes

Natural-looking beauty is firmly back in style! While you may find pops of colour or extreme makeup looks on the catwalk, the overall vibe of the beauty routine has changed to a more natural-looking, relaxed finish. "I woke up like this" lashes are your best friend with this beauty trend.

Natural looking lashes are the principal feature of this movement. Low mascara, natural lift and soft lash lines are in - in a big way. Embrace a more youthful, wide awake look with an LVL Lift and eyelash tint at our Galway beauty salons. This treatment boosts your natural lashes, making them look longer and thicker and gives greater definition to your face making your eyes appear larger, brighter and less tired. The effects last for several weeks too!

Perfectly Polished Nails

Your manicure is where you can really let your personality shine. Classic French Manicures, pretty tortoise shell manis and chic nude nails are trending right now and, with Spring peeking around the corner, we are looking forward to introducing some brighter colours to our nails this year!

There are a wide range of trends for every season, but make sure your hands and nails always look great throughout the year by booking regular manicures at our Galway beauty salons. With our shellac manicures you can be sure of glossy, chip-free nail colour for up to 14 days!

Fluffy, Full Brows

Another more natural looking trend that you'll see this year is that of the full brows. The fluffy brows are full, thick and bold, but always perfectly groomed. 

One basic rule for thicker brows: stop plucking and shaping them! Let your brows grow in and reveal your natural shape. Of course, you can pluck unruly stray hairs, but stop attempting to create higher arches or thinner lines. If you were a victim of over-plucking, have lost brows to age, medical reasons or simply genetics, there are still ways to fake the fluff!

Start by combing your brows up and out with an eyebrow brush, to separate the hairs and widen your brow.  Fill in any bare spots, with a light hand and a brow powder. Finally, top the brows with a little brow gel to tame any stubborn hairs and lock in the fluffed brows for the day. We can also offer brow tint services for long lasting, thicker looking brows.

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